30 Years of Miami Heat – Artist Series


Extremely pleased to finally work with our Miami Heat and their in-house brand Court Culture, bringing 6 of our best into a mural collaboration located on the 300 level of the prestigious AA Arena, as well as a limited edition run of Artist Series tees. Each artist brought their own inspiration to the project, and we’re extremely proud of the end results. In order of appearance on the wall: Quake, Angel Mir, Brian Butler, Suarezism, David Iglesias, and Jessy Nite. And special thanks to Sasha Beck and the rest of the Court Culture team for making it so easy…Go Heat!

MIA Skate Shop Tees



Original design by Jamie over at MIA, we helped out with a screenprint and size tags. Classy time, MIA time. Thanks Chris!

Colorfast Tattoo Tees.



Classy tees printed for Colorfast Tattoo. Gold ink. Original drawing by Vince Moisdon at Colorfast.

Free Whie – Gold & Silver INK Tees.


All proceeds go straight to his commissary. Thanks everyone for all the support. Gold & Silver inks used for these silkscreen tee prints. Not to be confused with Gold or Silver Foil.

Cushy Heat Halftone Prints.



Halftone silkscreen prints for our hometown championship tribute. Halftoning just 1 color in various ways can appear like shading.

Infinite Irons Tee Design.


Design, illustration, and silkscreen printed tees for Infinite Irons, the absolute authority on custom tattoo machines. Thanks Joey D!

Four Arrow Tees.


Silkscreen prints for Four Arrow. Vector illustrations created from original drawings by Adam Forero himself.

Rocket Fuel Tribute.


In Miami, Cuban coffee is a way of life. And the stronger the better. Here’s our tribute to the “rocket fuel” that gets us through our daily grind. Original illustration by one of our own – Mr. Pucho.

Mangz Tees.


Original illustration and silkscreen print on tees for a client. There’s alot you can do with one color!

South Florida Bullies.


Logo design, illustration and silkscreen print on tees for South Florida Bullies, a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing pitbulls and other bully breeds, which are illegal to own in Miami. This is a cause that is close to our heart, and we were proud to be a part of it. Thanks Beeks!

Ynot sketch brought to completion.





Bittersweet session bringing Ynot’s memorial sketch for Seger to life. He has since passed on, and we miss both these guys terribly. Pictured above: Sketch / Vector Illustration / Silkscreen Print on Tees / Detail Shot.

Damett Tees.


Design and silkscreen print for Damett Luxury Goods. Alive with pleasure! Thanks Manny…

BleauWater Tees.


Clean illustration and silkscreen print on tees for Mr. Tragek. Based off his original sketch.

Cushy Tees.


More Cushy tees, super limited run. Hand illustrated font, hand printed shirts. Only way we know how.

Jel Martinez Tees.


Fun ones for Jel Martinez’s new idea. Plus some clean tag prints.

Str8 Like Dat Tees.


Design and 2 color silkscreen print for Str8 Like Dat clothing. Plus size tag prints. Thanks CJ…