Ford Argo Building – Miami Wynwood Mural Art Project

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Wynwood Mural for Ford Argo AI Miami

Our full building treatment for Ford’s autonomous vehicle testing facility in Wynwood. Together, we envisioned a mural with a narrative; that encompassed the future of our city, transportation / movement, green spaces, communal spaces, outer spaces, people, and all with a special nostalgic quality to it.

The marbles, the movement, the colors, the overall style was all a nod to Jeff Hale’s psychedelic pop art of the 70′s. In this way, we felt the mural conveyed a warm and familiar sense, even as it moved us into the future of our city. Special thanks to everyone involved: RJ del Russo w/ Civic, Maria Fierros w/ Ford, the artists (Hoxxoh, Quake, Abstrk, Suarezism, Jessy Nite, Five, Pucho), and Peter Vahan for the video (below)…