AMLI Dadeland Mural Project


Multi Mural project at AMLI in Downtown Dadeland, and it was all worth it. Client wanted bright colors, pop art vibes and patterns, and quite a bit of square footage covered. Which is just what we like to hear! Our team covered 4 walls at the garage entrances, plus another wall within the garage, and a long stretch of wall in front of about 15 parking spaces. Our prep team came in and pressure washed everything first, then primed and base coated all the walls, and then clear coated everything once we had finished muralling it all up. Special thanks to Alicia at AMLI, and our guys Quake, Abstrk, and Suarez for putting the paint down in record time once again. We always enjoy beautifying grey spaces! #murals #muralpainting #handpaintedmurals #streetartmurals #miamimurals #miamistreetart #handpainted #miamistyle #miamiquake #abstrk #suarezism

Cointreau Mural @ Blackbird Ordinary


2 days of bright jungle themed mural work at Blackbird Ordinary for Rémy Cointreau. Client was looking for something colorful and reflective of our Miami style, with our own traditional tattoo style flourishes added where needed. Thanks to Suarez, Quake, and Pucho for putting it up, Jerry Pennington and Contra at Blackbird for linking it up, and Satonya Baker at Rémy Cointreau for signing us up! #commercialmurals #murals #miamimurals #handpaintedmurals #cointreau #muralpainting #handpainted #admurals #muralads

Pirate Exhibit @ The Frank – Murals


These 6 “mini” pirate-themed murals were just more fun subject matter for us. Working in conjunction with The Miami Children’s Museum and The Frank / City of Pembroke Pines, we were able to bang out these 6 creative interpretations of all things pirate in under a week. Murals conceptualized and painted by Suarezism, Quake, Five, and Crome. Special thanks to Jill Slaughter for having the vision to let us fly, creatively, for this amazing exhibit.

Student Mural Project – Dillard High School


Every year we find the time to take on a couple projects involving kids. We find these to be very gratifying, helping youngsters to tap into their creative side, although in this case they were already amazing artists! Our job was to lead a loose mural “class” with some handpicked students from Dillard High School’s magnet art program. The idea was that we would walk them though the process of creating an actual mural on campus, for a client (Dillard being the “client”): from brainstorming, concepts, and digital mock-ups, to the actual application of the murals! Needless to say, we were extremely impressed with the finished results, and hats off to ALL the students that participated. Pictured here (left to right, top to bottom): Kaori, Jamesly, Jess, McKenzie, Meghan, McKenzie, Hakeem, Lily…and special thanks to Broward County Schools, Grace Kewl, Laura Glick, Stacey Jenkins and Mr. Joseph, for ALL taking the time to make this project work. It was a fun and satisfying challenge!

Sticker Packs – Wynwood Walls


We offer a variety of sticker options, on a variety of mediums. These sticker packs are part of an ongoing series with Wynwood Walls, featuring 4 different artists from our roster for each pack (Atomik, Crome, Abstrk, Quake, and Abuse), and accompanied by an ultra-thick 32 pt. insert. They are available online or at Wynwood Walls’ Go Shop, along with sticker packs featuring many of the other amazing artists at the Walls!

Mario Cart Themed Mural


Sometimes we will oblige private commissions, and this one was well worth it. A fun theme, lots of colors, and with the added challenge of painting cartoon versions of each of the client’s cars, made this a project for the books. Painted in 2 days by our guys Quake and Abstrk, the client was stoked!

Caterpillar Event Mural – Wynwood


The only direction we were given on this one was to use Black and Caterpillar Yellow as our only colors, so we had a good time creating this fun “CAT” piece at MAPS Backlot in the Wynwood Arts District in Miami. Quake handpainted this in about 3 hours, prior to the event, and the fine people of Caterpillar were able to enjoy it while they dined and socialized the night away. Thanks all!

Cushy x New Era x Cool J’s – Underdogs Series 1


Our second collaboration with New Era and Cool J’s, for a series of snapback hats based on our own imaginary Miami sport teams. Featuring some of our faves: Brian Butler, David Iglesias, Jessy Nite, and Quake. Special limited run, available in 3 colorways each, they sold out quick! And the Underdogs win again…

ESPN Deportes 15 Year Anniversary


A celebratory mini-mural for ESPN Deportes 15 Year Anniversary broadcast. Being sports fans ourselves, we were honored and privileged to be a part of this project! Painted during a few hours at the beautiful Wynwood Walls property, we had a great atmosphere to bring this idea to life. Handpainted by Suarez, Quake, and Pucho. Special thank you to Alexandra Vargas at WW, Bianca at ESPN, and Distinctive Details for the last minute hustle, we appreciate all of you.

Studio Dado


Double mural session at Studio Dado in Coral Gables, FL. Handpainted by our guys Pucho and Luis Berros, thanks Studio Dado for helping us to realize your vision!

Lexus 2019 ES Release Party


We had the honor of custom painting 3 different Lexus ES’s, at 3 beautiful indoor venues around South Florida, for the preview of the new model. Using strictly indoor non-toxic spraypaint, our artist Quake quickly turned these cars into rolling works of art! Special thanks to CSI Florida for putting it together, as well as Boca Raton Resort, The Diplomat Resort Hollywood, and The Biltmore in Coral Gables for being such gracious hosts.

30 Years of Miami Heat – Artist Series


Extremely pleased to finally work with our Miami Heat and their in-house brand Court Culture, bringing 6 of our best into a mural collaboration located on the 300 level of the prestigious AA Arena, as well as a limited edition run of Artist Series tees. Each artist brought their own inspiration to the project, and we’re extremely proud of the end results. In order of appearance on the wall: Quake, Angel Mir, Brian Butler, Suarezism, David Iglesias, and Jessy Nite. And special thanks to Sasha Beck and the rest of the Court Culture team for making it so easy…Go Heat!

Adidas Mural in Wynwood



Our biggest “collaboration” yet, we opened this mural up for all passerby to participate in. In conjunction with MLB’s All Star Game Weekend in Miami, Adidas wanted to create an experience around the unveiling of 5 new sneakers & cleats. Our job was to create a “Miami-style” mural, for Miamians of all kinds to participate in, as well as a graffiti-style wall with the phrase “Here To Create”, customized displays for the shoes, and hand-painted champagne bottles for the 10 All Stars under Adidas’ wing. Easy. Thanks to MAPS Productions for an amazing venue, Adidas Baseball, Oasis Jae for the stunning photography, Rob & Lauren at Etzel Agency for making it go, and the artists: Quake, Suarezism, Atomik, Pucho, Arive, and Crook. It was an honor.

SEIU Mural




Had a ton of fun painting this one for SEIU, a large union that just opened it’s new Miami headquarters right down the street from Jackson Hospital. Which would make total sense to you if you have ever lived in Miami. The concept was to show strength, unity, diversity, and compassion (SEIU represents thousands of medical professionals), all in our Miami flavor and in the Union’s signature Purple and Yellow color scheme. It all started with a crazy wash treatment where we basically poured 6 different shades of watered down violets down the side of the wall from the roof. And that was just our base treatment! Thanks to Quake and Abstrk for getting this one up in a week, Donnie and MSG Concepts for help with the base coating and clear coating, Ray and Elizabeth at SEIU for their input, organizational skills, pics, and company, and of course Martha Baker, head of SEIU 1991 Chapter, for her vision, endless enthusiasm, and continued support throughout the process. Makes these jobs so much easier, thanks all.

Pullman Hotel Miami – Mural Project







Great project featuring 6 of our artists, hand-picked by Abstrk and Sebastien Laboureau, to invigorate the visual scenery of the brand new Pullman Hotel in Miami. The 6 artists were (in order of pics above): Abstrk, Tati Suarez, Evoca, Jessy Nite, Quake, and Hoxxoh. Each artist brought their own unique vision to the table, and also challenged themselves to paint something that was appropriate to the Pullman brand, a longtime respected hospitality corp based out of the UK, which made it’s name running luxury passenger trains through Europe in the early 20th century, amnongst other things. The colors, decor, and overall vibe of the hotel were all brought into heavy consideration during the creative process. And we’re very proud of the results. Go check these amazing pieces out in person for the full effect!

One Day At A Time – Design District Miami


Tall wall in Miami’s Design District dedicated to Angeles, a local woman battling stage 3 cancer. Her strength inspired one of our artists, Abstrk, to put together a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for this project. It worked, and what you see here is the result. Special thanks to all who lent support, way too may to name here, as well as Angeles who was at the wall day and night for support(!). Also a special thank you to Abstrk for making it all go, Quake for putting together the typography treatment, and to Elissa for supporting the project from Day 1. We hope this wall has a good run on this long neglected property, and brings hope to many others!

Goldman Arts Building – AVAF in Wynwood


2 man job, re-creating artwork designed by AVAF for a full building treatment on the new Goldman headquarters in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District. A time consuming process, making sure every line was straight and clean, but the final result speaks for itself. Special thanks to AVAF, and to Rage Johnson & Quake for working around the clock on boom lifts during the warmest time of year!

What Would Shula Do??


Of course, as Miamians, we’ve always wondered this. What Would Shula Do? So we drew him in all his 70′s hardnosed glory. And printed some tees. And contributed a grey scale version to a local zine “Pegajoso” by the always talented David Iglesias. We hope the Don likes it! Special thanks to David, Jerry Morris, Quake, Abstrk, Crook, & Rage Johnson for all contributing in some way, shape, or form.

Estar Guars Tribute Wall – Wynwood, Miami



The whole crew came together on this massive Star Wars tribute wall. And in fact, it still wasn’t enough, so we Kickstarted it for some crowd funding. The campaign worked out great, and all of Miami came out to appreciate the endless days and nights of painting in Wynwood’s Arts District. Special thanks to all who participated and/or lent a hand, special limited edition prints went out to all the supporters and we hope to do some Kickstarting again sometime soon! CLICK ON THE TOP IMAGE FOR A FULL VIEW!!

MODA Surf Shop Mural




Handpainted with spraypaint at MODA in North Bay Village, Miami. Fun surf and ocean references, painted by our guys Quake and Bluze. Special thanks to Brett for having a cool vision!