NHL’s Florida Panthers – Mural


Quick mural painted in 2 days for the Florida Panthers’ post NHL draft party in Fat Village, Fort Lauderdale. The Panther’s requested something graffiti style, but clean, using their team colors, logo, and a fun illustration we created with the palm tree and hockey stick. Special shouts to Quake and Rage for getting it done properly, Jill Weisberg for coordinating, and the good people of Fat Village for being so accommodating under intense Miami Summer conditions.

Mural Project at Federal Reserve Building


Great project for the new DLA wing at the Federal Reserve Building in Doral, FL. Three themes: Movie Quotes, Multi-Cultural, and Comic / Anime Art. Two of our artists, Quake and Abstrk explored these themes, and also painted 5 of the columns as well as the inner & outer ring. We definitely felt like we created an energizing mood and environment in an indoor working atmosphere. Amazing to work with the fine people at G. Alvarez Studio, who were in charge of the architectural planning of the interior space. Looking forward to more stuff like this. Special thanks to Antonio, Diana, and Gigi, for all their help and support.

Orange Blossom Special


Hand painted mural in Hialeah, FL, just 200 feet from where the old Orange Blossom Special used to run back in the 30′s. Based off an old postcard we found and brought to life at about 25 ft x 60 ft. Special thanks to Abstrk and Quake for a job well done!

Omertá Tattoo Book





This project was conceived by Javier Betancourt, co-owner of Ocho Placas Tattoo in Miami, who wanted to put together a book showcasing some of the best young tattoo artists from around the world. We stepped in and worked on the logo, photo-correcting the massive amount of images he had collected, laying out the book in an organized manner, and then helping to find a great natural canvas cover stock with black foil debossing, and a smooth MacGregor paper stock for the inside pages. It was an extremely limited release, but we were excited to see how well it was received, even being recognized with a Florida Print Award. Thanks for the opportunity Javi! Special thanks to Joe Clary for the cool pics!


Cushy Gigs x New Era x Cool J’s – Snapback Project

NewEraWEBAmazing project we curated with New Era and Cool J’s, a local chain, bringing 4 of our artists’ visions onto hand embroidered snapback hats. Also put together a fun gallery show to highlight the hats and the artist’s works, titled “Locals Only” during Art Basel 2014. Thanks Abstrk, Atomik, Pucho and Quake for the amazing designs, Peter Vahan for the photos here, Felix over at Cool J’s for the vision, and Doron and Steven at Midpoint for allowing us the space for the show. We hope to be involved in more projects like this in the future!


Original Illustrations / Stickers for Cool J’s


We always enjoy working with Cool J’s, a local sneaker and clothing retail chain, because of the creative freedom they allow us! Here’s a taste of some of the illustrations we’ve done for them recently, printed on vinyl die-cut stickers.


Sneak Attack – Sneaker Boutique Mural


Painted this logo-based mural in about 5 hours for a new Sneaker Boutique opening in the Wynwood Arts District in Miami, FL. A ton of fun things to paint over and on top of! Special thanks to Atomik, Quake, and Nick and Frank at Sneak Attack.


Midpoint Miami Mural Mashup


Another Miami-themed mural painted in 48 hours for the new Midpoint development & Locals Only art show in the heart of the real Miami. Featuring Abstrk, The Cool Hand, Douglas Hoekzema, Astre74, Arive, Luis Berros, Pucho, Atomik, Quake, Bulk, and Brandon Opalka – amazing lineup, all Miamians! Thanks Doron, Steven Frazier and Jill Weisberg for being awesome.

Homestead Speedway Mural – NASCAR’s Sprint Cup


Got this one done just in time for NASCAR’s final race of the season, the Sprint Cup at Homestead Speedway, which was actually won by #4 Kevin Harvick (to our relief, as we painted his number flying away from the other finalists’ numbers!) Rush job done in 1 looooong day of non stop painting by Quake and Rage. Special thanks to Jill Weisberg for making it all happen, and Kevin at the Speedway for accommodating us.

Miami Style.



Another monumental wall painted a few years back in Miami’s Wynwood Art District. Inspired by the Zombieland movie poster. Thanks to the whole team for pitching in, particularly Abuse, Enve, Evils, Quake, Arive, Hest, Hox, Pucho, Gere, Edge, Crome, Sefer and Kemo. And to David Lombardi for putting up with us throughout the process.

004 Connec in Wynwood.


Painted this fun one with the team for a local spray paint distributor, 004 Connec, in Miami’s Wynwood Art District. Thanks Abstrk, Quake, Arive, Crome, Pucho, Cris & the rest of the gang for putting this one together, also thanks to our friend E at 004 for the years of support…Click to enlarge!

HistoryMiami Museum – Mural



The HistoryMiami museum in Downtown Miami hired us to paint an entire wing of their museum with our own creative vision for a street art inspired show. The theme was simply “Miami”…All brushes, no spraypaint, a lot of fun all around. This wall was painted by (in order): Atomik, Santi, Abstrk, Quake, Luis Berros, Astre74, Pucho, and Arive. Special thanks to Brandon Opalka for curating this madness. Click on the top pic to view the entire wall!

Miami Marlins – Scoreboard Artwork – Illustration / Layout


Had the extreme pleasure of being approached by our beloved Miami Marlins to create original graffiti styled scoreboard artwork for every player on the roster. Here’s a few of our favorites…Thanks Larry Blocker, and also Quake, Jerry Morris, Atomik, Abstrk, and Pucho for contributing!

Muhammad Ali / History Miami – Hand Painted Mural


Painted this one for the History Miami museum in Downtown Miami in conjunction with the 50th anniversary exhibit commemorating Ali’s first Heavyweight title against Sonny Liston, in Miami. Honored to have been a part of this project.

Illustration / Vinyl Stickers – Tony Logan


Did this simple but effective illustration and layout based off one of Tony’s pencil drawings. The final product is a 4″ circle vinyl sticker, 1 color screen print, w/ laminate coating. Thanks Tony!

Illustration – Print Giants Chairs


King Kong original illustration for Print Giants, chair design. Our head illustrator Jerry Morris was responsible for this monstrosity. And special thanks to Oliver at Print Giants for the creative freedom, we do enjoy that sometimes!

Photography – Kreepy Tiki Tattoo Shop




Here’s a few of the many shots our photographer took at Kreepy Tiki Tattoo Shop in Fort Lauderdale. Fun place, great vibe, hit us up for any of your photography needs!

American Eagle Outfitters – Commercial Mural Shoot





Painted in 3 days with a team of 7 mural painters, all while American Eagle was shooting for a Spring Break campaign. But we got it done before the deadline, as usual. Original design by our good friend Lakwena in London. And special thanks to Teddy & Meghan Coleman for overseeing the project, flawlessly.

Live Mural Painting for Cirque Eloize.


Painted this live during a preview performance of Cirque Eloize at the Adrienne Arscht Performing Arts Center in Downtown Miami. By Atomik and Quake. Thanks Primary Flight!