Student Mural Project – Dillard High School


Every year we find the time to take on a couple projects involving kids. We find these to be very gratifying, helping youngsters to tap into their creative side, although in this case they were already amazing artists! Our job was to lead a loose mural “class” with some handpicked students from Dillard High School’s magnet art program. The idea was that we would walk them though the process of creating an actual mural on campus, for a client (Dillard being the “client”): from brainstorming, concepts, and digital mock-ups, to the actual application of the murals! Needless to say, we were extremely impressed with the finished results, and hats off to ALL the students that participated. Pictured here (left to right, top to bottom): Kaori, Jamesly, Jess, McKenzie, Meghan, McKenzie, Hakeem, Lily…and special thanks to Broward County Schools, Grace Kewl, Laura Glick, Stacey Jenkins and Mr. Joseph, for ALL taking the time to make this project work. It was a fun and satisfying challenge!