Miami Graffiti, Street Art & Mural Services

Cushy Gigs is a creative collective of professional graffiti artists, muralists, and digital designers based in Miami, FL. Since 2011, we’ve worked with a wide range of businesses and individuals, providing various creative services and products inspired by our modern take on classic street art. 

From handpainted mural services that transform entire buildings (and neighborhoods!), to commissioned art and design for the walls of Miami restaurants, shops, and other businesses, Cushy Gigs Creative tackles projects of all sizes and mediums.


Handpainted Murals/Street Art

The 20+ members of our mural team thrive on challenges, and offer a wide variety of styles and specialties, for both interior and exterior spaces. Our artists use only the highest-grade paints so that your mural will stand the test of time, as well as weather conditions. We do love the jobs that allow creative freedom but are happy to help install custom murals in Miami based on a client’s specific vision. Reach out to us today, to discuss your creative vision, and allow us to bring it to life!

Live Spraypaint Demos

We also provide a live art option for events, festivals, and parties.
What if you could fascinate your guests with a live demonstration from an actual graffiti artist at work? With Cushy Gigs Creative, you can, bringing an unforgettable element to your next event. Our team has been doing it for years, for a wide variety of clientele, and boast being the first crew in Miami to offer interactive spray paint demos.



From smaller hand-painted signage projects to large scale creative pieces, and even commercial murals, we pride ourselves on our elasticity. Professionalism and punctuality are well balanced with our passion for painting.

Our services include custom lettering, logos, signage, and more. Because we take a personalized approach to every project, our team will work closely with you to determine which options work best for you. Our team of artists are more than capable of developing a style and aesthetic that aligns with your vision. With custom signage in Miami, you have the opportunity to enhance your brand aesthetic and connect with clients in a memorable way – it’s the investment that will never stop paying off.


Digital Lab & Design Services

Cushy Gigs Creative offers a variety of services from custom graffiti murals, hand-painted murals, spray paint demonstrations, live painting events and hand-painted signage to illustration & design and much more. Check out our portfolio and services on our website.

Our crew of experienced graphic designers combines art and technology for fantastic final results in the Cushy Gigs Creative digital lab. Many of our projects, including custom murals, printed t-shirts, and logo designs, actually begin in the digital lab.

Our design services include custom logo design, typography, branding, vector illustration, graphic layout, multi-page design, and more.


Print Services

On the print end, we are fully equipped with multiple silkscreen presses, for t-shirt printing, as well as offering a wide variety of digital, inkjet, offset, and large format printing on various other mediums. From the initial concept development to the final execution, our team of artists is dedicated to the highest level of quality at every stage. We also still enjoy getting our hands dirty with our mural team, specializing in large scale treatments and hand-painted signage. Feel free to contact us or email us your idea, or any questions, and we’ll hit you back with a response asap.

Bring Your Idea to Life with Our Creative Team.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or have a clear vision of your artistic direction, Cushy Gigs Creative wants to work with you. We’re a team of talented, passionate, and enthusiastic creatives with decades of collective experience and an extensive portfolio of completed projects.

Discover how Cushy Gigs Creative can infuse your space, brand, or event with amazing art when you contact us for more information about our services today!